Alberto Rojo Trio

Tuned Exercise Balls

This is a sample of some of the piece I played in a performance space in Berlin, Germany. Most of the concert was for dance and percussion–except this piece which was a room literally filled with balls…so I just took what I “found” and used it as an instrument….I pumped up the balls so they had different pitches.

Houdini Seance

Composed by Andy Kirshner and Michael Gould

This is a piece for multiple percussion, video projections and laptop (2 channel accompaniment). The piece is inspired by the life and times of Harry Houdini and his obsession with the afterlife. This is an attempt to communicate directly with Mr. Houdini.

Drum Diaries Introduction

This is the introduction to the Drum Diaries iBook available for the iPad on iTunes.

Lonesome Luke by E3Q

Mark Kirshenmann, Trumpet, Electronics
Katri Ervamaa, Cello
Michael Gould, Drumset, Percussion


Play Along Music

Ice Percussion Concert

School of Music professor and Residential College faculty member Michael Gould and friends played ice percussion instruments on the Diag to kick off LSA’s new Theme Semester, “Water”.

The Music of Now – Arts & Bodies sidebar

Professor Michael Gould talks about music in everyday life.