Percussion Gear

This gear is versatile and can adapt to any musical situation. With my equipment I am able to focus on serving the music and putting together the best sounds possible. I love teaching and playing with these instruments.


Zildjian Cymbals

20″ old A – exact age unknown

22″ Flat Constantinople (3 rivets)

18″ Crash Constantinople

8″ and 10″ K Splash (inverted and sandwiched)

13″ A Custom Hi-Hats (Z Bottom)

20″ Constantinople Med. Ride

18″ Session Custom Crash

14″Constantinople Hi-Hats


Vic Firth Drumsticks

Yamaha Oak Custom Drums 

18″ or 20″ Bass Drum

14″x14″ Floor Tom

8″x7″ Tom

10″x9″ Tom

12″x10″ Tom

700 Series Stands

Elvin Jones Signature Snare Drum

Club Jordan Cocktail Snare Drum

Remo DrumHeads

Fiberskyn on snare and tom toms

Powerstroke P3 Fiberskyn Bass Drum Heads